Wednesday, June 10, 2009

People Watching, Story Ideas, and Ramblings

Speaking of long hair (Shayne's obsession), Monday night I was flying home from Las Vegas doing my usual people watching in the airport. I like to create characters from people I see. I am still going to create a couple out of that uber hot gay couple I saw at the opera earlier this year, but I digress.

I'm sitting next to my friends and one of them leans over and says, "Isn't that a Nelson twin over there sitting on the floor on the next aisle?"

Of course you have to know who the Nelson twins are. They are the blond twin sons of the late Ricky Nelson and they had several hits a million years ago when they had really long hair. They were always quite goodlooking and their names are Gunnar and Matthew. Anyway, I managed to look in the direction she indicated and sure enough the one sitting on the floor strumming his guitar was Gunnar Nelson with now short blond hair and being in his forties (as am I). He was gorgeous, actually, with his very blue eyes. Anyway as it turns out he was talking with his twin, Matthew who sat in the chair above him.

So now, I am thinking of writing a story with a former long-haired, blond rock star who is now in his forties. I think when I write this story he will most definitely have to resemble Gunnar.

I couldn't help but wonder as the Nelsons got on the Southwest flight with the rest of us if they think about the father they never even got to know dying in a plane crash every time they get on a plane themselves. I know I thought about it when I saw them.

Anyway, now that I am back at home I am continuing to write my angsty story, Pieces. The next release is Sorcerer's Lover 2 and I really believe you need to have read Sorcerer's Lover to get into the second book. Sorcerer's Lover 2 will come out June 27/28 and I might have a giveaway of both Sorcerer's Lover and Sorcerer's Lover 2 as a package for those who have not read the first one.


  1. Sounds like a great story idea! And that's way cool you had a celeb sighting. I likely wouldn't have recognized them even though I know who they are, but I'm generally oblivious to those sorts of things.

    Airports are suprisingly good places to people watch. I went down to Orlando the other weekend, and the old muse kicked into overdrive when I was at the Orlando airport. :D Of course, all the hotties I saw will be wearing waistcoats and cravats, and not snug t-shirts highlighting their great biceps, if they make their way into one of my books.

    The opera hotties need to show up in one of your books soon, too. Definitely soon.

  2. Looking at that picture, we now KNOW what happened to the Ozone layer! LOL.

    Sweetie Any book you write will be fabulous! I think your rock star a fantastic idea. It's always interesting to see how writers come up with their stories.

    We don't get many celeb sightings out here. I did meet the lead singer from Flock of Seagulls once...lmao. NOW THAT'S A CELEBRITY!

    Love you,



  3. HA HA, Shay, no kidding! I was afraid to put up a current pic of them because their website says copying their pics is punishable by death, LOL.

    You so have to crack that whip at Ava. She is totally slacking!

    Love you back, S

  4. No fair ganging up on me! Can't a person slack in peace?? LOL