Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sorcerer's Lover 2 Excerpt

Lazy today so I thought I'd just post an excerpt of my upcoming release, Sorcerer's Lover 2, rather than come up with something else.

Benedict clenched his fist and turned away from the sight of the soldiers. Somehow he had to escape this. Find Warin again.

Alas, he was no magical sort himself and his knightly skills were no match for twenty soldiers. Some he could take out, but not all. And there appeared to be no one here on his side.

He went to the door and twisted the handle, peering out into the hall. A heavily armed soldier appeared at the door immediately.

“I beg your pardon, my lord Benedict, but your brother has ordered that you are to stay in for the rest of the night,” the man, who had several years and muscles on Benedict, said with an apologetic smile.

Benedict tried to push aside his annoyance, but it was difficult. He would dearly love to strangle his elder brother just now. “What if I am wishing some sustenance from the kitchens?”

“You have but to command me and I will see to it. Is there something you wish me to have fetched?”

“No. No, there is nothing. What is your name?”

“Gerard, my lord Benedict. I have been given the position of your personal guard.” The older man straightened, trying to look authoritative.

“Ah, so that is the way of things is it. You are to follow me around like a lap dog, Gerard?”

Gerard cleared his throat and nervously fingered his graying moustache. “I would not say that, my lord. I am just not to leave your side for the near future.”

Benedict nodded. “The very definition of a lap dog. Very well, Gerard, I will retire for the night.”

“As you wish. If there is anything you do need, just come out and tell me. I will be here.”

He gritted his teeth and closed the door of his chamber.

Benedict moved restlessly to the window again, looking out. Thick clouds hung in the sky, some reaching low to the ground to form mist. The air was heavy and damp.

The tiny hairs on his neck rose suddenly. He turned sharply to face the room. His heartbeat flipped, then sped up. “Who’s there?”

At first no answer followed his question, yet he felt a presence.

“Hush, your highness,” a familiar voice whispered next to his ear.


Lips pressed the pulse at his throat, teeth nipped. Benedict shook with instant, fiery need. His now hard cock pressed uncomfortably against his braies and hose.

“Warin, say something, please.”

“Shh, Benedict. It is I.”

Invisible arms wrapped him, pulling his body tight against a muscled torso. He felt Warin’s erection against his ass. Though he could not deny Warin’s magical powers frightened him, Benedict closed his eyes and gave himself up to his lover’s caress.

“You must be very quiet, your highness. You do not wish to cause Gerard to come bursting in to your rescue.”


  1. I like Gerard. Of course I like gorgeous Benedict and sorcerous Warin, but this Gerard guy has also caught my interest.

  2. Stop it, Anon. You'll give me ideas for giving Gerard a story of his own. Oh, no! It's already creeping in...

  3. I know what story I'll be reading next.
    Thanks for the tease!