Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beyond the Norm Finished and Future Plans

I finished Beyond the Norm. It ended up being about 24,500 words or so. It's off to my critique partner for a final read.

And just in case anyone is interested, these are the books I plan on working on/hope to have finished/out in the rest of 2009:

The Other Side 2 – For those who didn’t like my Happy For Now ending this is the continuation of Ray and Nick’s story. Many if not all the dangling plot points from the first book should be answered in this book.

Ticket to Ride – Not really sure what shape this story will take but some of the characters are Malcolm and Jordan. I chose the song title because I am a Beatles fan and the theme was a song title. I know that Malcolm is going to be younger than his lover and he’s going to find a plane ticket in his lover’s name that he didn’t know about but that’s really all I have and I will be working on this one soon. If I get it worked out completed I think it will be out in December or so.

Pieces – this is my next really angsty one. I really want to work on it this year. I started it, but then stopped to finish up Beyond the Norm. The characters are Patrick and Josh. Patrick is still trying to recover from the suicide of his long-time lover who also happened to be Josh’s cousin.

And if I have time:

Never the One – I also started this one. It is my cop partners-murder mystery story. Characters are Tyler and Eric (Boone). I am really going to try and make this my first novel-length gay romance so wish me luck on that.

Tempted to Taste – A related story to The Other Side, this will be the story of Ray’s brother, Devon (yes, he is gay also-you’ll see more in TOS2) and the hot little blond chef, Ryan, hired to work in his restaurant. My plan is to make Ryan a little more flamboyant than some of my other heroes.

Undeniable – My return to the Regency period with the story of a third son of a lord and his love with the butler. Ava March has been nagging me to write this since forever.

If I can get all these stories done this year I will be surprised.

I promised my friend, Shay, I would write a long-haired hero just for him so I will have to think about which one of these guys will have long hair. Perhaps my hero in Ticket to Ride.


  1. All of them are going to be so great! We have so much to look forward too. Especially my long haired hero...yum! *I am doing my happy dance!*

    I think I am going to join in with Ava. I like the butler/3rd son of a Lord idea. You should write that one very soon!

  2. You know I'd only do a long-haired hero for you, Shay.

    I actually have the plot worked out for the butler/lord worked out, which is rare for me. I just can't seem to force myself to write it.

  3. I love the thought of the historical too, but I can see it would be a different mind-set. Just start with one great scene, trying to get it down on paper, and maybe that'll get the juices flowing in that direction. GL!

  4. I can see a busy busy year for you...

    You make sure you get a break in between if those guys allow you to.


  5. No rest for the wicked, E.H. And as I indicated today my "won't shut up" brain just came up with another story to write. Hopefully I can zap that out pretty quick.

  6. The problem I am having with the historical, Stacey and Ava and Shay (lol) is my mind is on contemporaries right now. Not sure how I managed to get Sorcerer's Lover 2 in there a couple months ago because I have had contemporary mindset for so long I can't seem to switch it off. I will try, though.