Friday, May 15, 2009

And Then a Sequel Occurred to Me

So my latest work in progress, Ticket to Ride, is coming along. I have close to 1,500 words done on it and it isn’t due until September 01 so I think I should be fine. As long as I actually come up with a plot. I know, 1,500 words and no plot. Don’t ask.

But, along the way, last night as I was contemplating it and what other works I needed to write, my brain kicked into high gear. It does that to me sometimes. And I came up with an idea for a sequel for At Long Last. I don’t expect it to be terribly long. Possibly only Amber Kiss length which is under 10,000 words. I think of it as more of a little interlude with Preston and Scott. Anyway, I think I plan on getting that down in the next week. As I’ve stated before, I can write a story in 4 days if I force it. I don’t know about forcing this one, but I think I am going to get it done and off to AQ at least in the next week – two weeks. I have decided on Until the End of Time as the title. Don't worry it will make perfect sense when you read it!


  1. Maybe another colloquialism that means At Long Last...I don't know, like Finally Here, All At Once, Now And Forever...

  2. lOl, thanks for the suggestions, Stacey. I'll have to come up with something like that.

  3. So now you have to hurry up and write it! I loved Scotty and Preston, and I'm so happy you're giving them another book. :)