Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Excerpt of The Squire by Shawn Lane

About The Squire: The Squire was my first published gay erotic romance, published in June 2008 from Amber Allure. It was the second gay erotic romance I'd written (Another Chance came first by about a week) and I completed it the end of 2007 for the 2008 Amber Heat Wave Contest (and final contest). It turned out to be a winner.

...Duncan hurried to the right where there was a small lake and some trees. It was too cold to linger. He undid his braes and relieved himself next to a tree. He’d turned to make his way back to his tent when he heard rustling close to his position.

“Who’s there?” he whispered. Why hadn’t he picked up his sword before venturing out? What kind of knight would he make if he wasn’t prepared?

The only answer he got was a low moan. Frowning, Duncan walked toward the noise, being careful not to step on any leaves that would give him away. Crouching down next to leafy foliage, he peered through two branches.

Standing with his braes down around his ankles was one of the other knight’s squires, Aaron. Aaron was bent at the waist, leaning against a tree trunk. Two muscular hands gripped Aaron’s hips and a thin, but long cock thrust between his ass cheeks. From his current spot, Duncan could only make out the lower half of the man fucking Aaron, the rest being obstructed by leafy branches.

Holy Christ.

He hadn’t expected to come upon this. Aaron moaned again, this time a little louder.

“Hush,” came the whispered response from the man moving in and out of the squire. “Half the camp will hear you.”

Duncan tried to place the voice. He was dying to know who fucked Aaron. The man looked a bit too thin to be Aaron’s knight, Magnus, who was on the heavy side. Another squire?

The man’s balls slapped against Aaron as his thrusting sped up. His fingers tightened on the squire’s hips. Duncan huffed, frustrated at not knowing the identity of the second man. Mayhap if he stood, he would get a better view.

Slowly, he straightened from his crouch. A hand pushed on his shoulder.

“What are you doing?”

Duncan swore. He’d recognize the deep, masculine voice of Sir William anywhere. He tried to slip under his hold, but the knight’s grip on his shoulder was strong. He could just make out his handsome features in the glow of the torch light coming from the camp. He was frowning.

Sir William pushed Duncan behind him, but didn’t loosen his hold. He peered through the trees where Duncan had just been.

Duncan tried again to squirm out of his grasp.

“Hold still,” Sir William hissed.

Duncan heard his knight’s sharp intake of breath. Then he turned abruptly away and pushed Duncan toward the small clearing leading back to the camp.


“Taking to spying on your fellow squires, Duncan?” Sir William bit out.

“I didn’t—”

“Be quiet, you’ll call attention to us.” He pushed Duncan back into view of the camp. He stopped and glared at him. “I came looking for you because you’ve been gone for a while. I thought mayhap something had happened to you.”

Duncan warmed at the thought Sir William was concerned for him. “I…well…I heard a noise.”

“You left without your weapon again.”

Duncan hung his head. Judging by the heat radiating from his cheeks, he was blushing. Great. He’d been caught without his weapon and watching two men have sex. He hoped Sir William didn’t plan on getting rid of him.

“I did forget, but I thought with all the knights surrounding us it wouldn’t matter.”

“A knight never goes anywhere without his weapon, boy. If you intend to be one someday, you’ll do well to remember that...”


  1. The Squire is one of my favorite books you have written. Are you ever going to re-visit them?

  2. Hey Daisiemae,

    You aren't the only one who has asked that. I considered a little Christmas short but my publisher for The Squire indicated that Christmas stories don't do well beyond the month they are released. Still I have a huge soft spot for Duncan and William so I haven't given up on an idea for a little reunion short story.

  3. YAY!! I hope you do:) It would be nice to visit with them again and see how everything turned out:)