Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Excerpt of Perfect Man by Shawn Lane

About Perfect Man: I don't know where Perfect Man came from, honestly. I like books with angst and for some reason writing about about an abused, suicidal hero finding love appealed to me. I'm not sure how such an angst filled book ended up coming out from Ellora's Cave. There doesn't seem to be any similar books there. Anyway, I loved Alex and Craig and the book was incredibly easy to write in spite of the subject matter. Craig is still one of my favorite heroes I have ever written. Perfect Man was released in December 2008 from Ellora's Cave.

Alex tried not to read too much into it, but if that wasn’t the best sex of his life he didn’t know what was. Two best, actually, because when they’d made it upstairs and into his bed, Craig fucked him again. Three if you counted the blowjob. Hell, he hadn’t come so much in many, many months.

Even before Travis ended it with him they hadn’t been very passionate lovers. Their entire affair had been comfortable. They’d hooked up in the first place because it seemed entirely natural that Jill’s gay brother and Ken’s gay brother got together. The sex was nice, but not mind blowing.

Craig had blown his mind. And he was worried. Alex didn’t think Craig would take a joke so far as to sleep with him. No, he wasn’t worried about that anymore. Craig was without a doubt gay. But Alex was afraid it wouldn’t take very long at all for his heart to be fully engaged. Already his crush was back in full swing.

"Who was your first?" Craig asked in a sleepy voice.

Alex’s head rested on his broad, muscular chest. He couldn’t stop touching the man’s chest. He was like Adonis from mythology, Alex thought.

"A guy in college. My college roommate actually. Pure sex, no feelings behind it." Alex’s heartbeat raced. He prayed Craig wouldn’t make some comment about how that’s the way it was between them now. He cleared his throat. "You?"

"Well, the first time I had sex was in high school with a girl. You remember Becky?"
"Sure, your girlfriend."

"Yeah. I guess, really, that’s when I first started to seriously think about it. Before that, you know I’d see some actor or athlete and think he was hot, but I kind of pushed that idea away. It wasn’t that unusual to be able to tell someone of the same sex was attractive. But when I had sex with Becky I had to think about another guy just to get an erection."


"Anyway, it wasn’t until I was twenty that I was with a guy. All my life I wanted to be a police officer. I almost entered the police academy, so my first guy was a cop I knew. We saw each other for a while, but it ended up not working out. It’s hard for a cop to be openly gay even now."
"I didn’t know you wanted to be a cop," Alex said, peeking up at him. "Why didn’t you?"

Craig shrugged. "Like I said, my dad was an accountant. I guess after he died I wanted to honor him that way."

The way his voice sounded, almost like it was a rehearsed speech, Alex knew Craig hated being an accountant. He’d sacrificed his own desires to please his father. If things progressed between them, Alex fully intended to discuss the matter further with him.

"So how come you waited until you were twenty for your first guy?" he asked.

"When I first realized it back in high school things were crap. My dad was dying and did die and then my mom…she didn’t handle it well. She’d always been a bit fragile and when Dad died my family had to have her institutionalized."

"Wow, I’m sorry. I had no idea."

Craig sighed. "It’s not like I was sharing much then. Nobody knew. I had to move in with my grandparents for the remainder of school and they drove me there every day. But I wasn’t close to my grandparents. They had their own lives and resented having to deal with me. I counted the days when I didn’t have to ever go back to their house or school again. Needless to say, sex of any kind wasn’t a priority for me for a while."...

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