Friday, April 10, 2009

Excerpt of The Other Side by Shawn Lane

About The Other Side: This was part of the themed pax collection for Amber Quill of Opposites Attract. Released in February 2009 by Amber Quill. Expect a sequel, The Other Side 2, hopefully later this year.

...Ray leaned toward Nick at the same moment Nick leaned toward him. Their lips met, touched, scorched across each other. Ray’s lips moved to the pulse of the other man’s throat, searing a path there to his collarbone. Nick had on way too many clothes. Ray’s hands found the hem of Nick’s shirt and tugged upward.

“Dinner?” Nick gasped, tilting his head, providing Ray better access to his throat.

“Later.” Ray yanked the shirt over Nick’s head and dropped it in a pile at their feet. His fingers reached for the belt at the other man’s waist. He was suddenly as eager as his first time. His hands were shaking so much he was having trouble unfastening the belt.

“Let me.” Nick pushed away Ray’s hands. He kicked off his black loafers before he undid the belt, then dropped his pants and stepped out of them.

His mouth watering, Ray admired the erection straining against Nick’s boxers. He swallowed, trying to calm his racing pulse. He didn’t want to rush this, didn’t want to embarrass himself by coming too soon.

“Lube and condoms?” He went to work on removing his own clothes.

Nick nodded, licking his lips. “Be right back.” He disappeared into the bathroom...

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