Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Excerpt - Car Wash

This one's not out until June but might as well whet the appetite.


Kevin Flaherty’s life really sucks. Laid off from his job, forced to sell his motorcycle, and facing eviction from his apartment, things can hardly get worse. Forced to work a low paying job at a car wash, Kevin is too embarrassed to even tell his friends, Noah and Charlie (from Pulling Away), even though Kevin is barely surviving.

Hotshot lawyer, Michael Bennett, comes in to have his Maserati cleaned. Kevin knows Michael well. When Kevin was fifteen, an openly gay twenty-one year old Michael was Kevin’s dream. But when the teen-aged Kevin made his move, Michael rejected the too young Kevin. Nine years have passed and Michael is surprised how attracted he is to Kevin. He soon takes him out and then takes him home. This time the beautiful man is not too young.

When he learns of Kevin’s situation, a smitten Michael makes it his job to clean up the disaster that Kevin’s life has become. But his take-charge, bossy way irritates a sensitive Kevin who starts a fight, ending in the breakup of their budding relationship. A breakup neither of them really wanted.


Michael watched Kevin spin around the front hallway of his two-story house. The younger man had a natural energy Michael had always admired and envied. And there was a sexy elegance to the way he moved, too.

It hadn’t been a lie when Michael had said he had rejected Kevin because of his young age. Kevin’s energy and enthusiasm alone drew Michael to him. Now, all these years later Kevin had finally fulfilled what the cuteness of his youth had always promised and he was absolutely gorgeous.

“This is a great place,” Kevin said after a while. He stopped in front of the stairs. “Must’ve cost a pretty penny.”

Mmm.” The only pretty thing on his mind was Kevin. There was nothing stopping him. Kevin was definitely old enough now. He held up the doggy bags from the restaurant. “Want to see the kitchen? I’ve got to put these away anyway.”

“Sure.” Kevin practically bounced toward the archway leading to the kitchen.

Michael’s mouth watered, keeping watch on the man’s tight ass. He figured he’d better get it together or he’d be taking him in the kitchen.

Kevin was smiling when Michael caught up to him. It was an almost innocent smile and it tugged at something inside Michael he didn’t want to analyze.

“What are you smiling at?” he asked, walking over to his refrigerator to stash the doggy bags.

“I always wanted a big kitchen with one of these islands,” Kevin said. “Sometimes I go to model homes and check out the amenities and usually I go straight for the kitchens.”

Michael laughed. “Do you cook?”

“Well, I did when I had my old job. Not so much since I got laid off.”

Kevin ran his hand along the black marble island almost lovingly. To Michael’s surprise Kevin jumped up to sit on the edge. He swallowed heavily, his gaze taking in the height of the island. About waist high.

Michael walked between Kevin’s slightly spread legs and closed his hands on his hips. “Kiss me, Kevin.”

Kevin didn’t hesitate. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to Michael’s. Kevin’s lips were warm and soft and still tasted faintly of the wine they’d shared. Michael slipped his tongue inside to collide with Kevin’s, pulling the younger man closer.

“Tell me,” Michael said, breaking their kiss, but staying less than an inch from the young man’s amazing lips. “When you thought about wanting one of these islands, did you ever think of being fucked on one?”

Kevin’s breath hitched, his long dark lashes dropping over his intense blue eyes. “No,” he said softly. “But I think I could be persuaded.” His hand closed over the bulge in Michael’s trousers.

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