Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saint Patrick's Day & Other Ramblings

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

It's interesting the different reactions I am getting to one of my most recent heroes, Jake, from Jake's Regret. I have had readers tell me they really liked him and readers tell me they hated him. Thought he was weak and unsympathetic.

Funny, when I wrote Jake's Regret, I just went where I thought the character needed to go. I didn't think, and I don't think, that it's always easy for gay men to be gay openly. Even now. Sometimes people forget that, thinking the world we live in is more progressive, but it's not as progressive as you might think and gay men and women are subject to terrible hate crimes all the time even still.

So, in my view, being raised by a hateful bigot in a small town and then becoming a professional athlete, it was particularly hard for Jake. Yes, I see that makes him weak and unsympathetic to some. I'm okay with that. Not every character resonates with every reader.

For those readers who did not care for Jake or his regrets (sorry play on the title), I hope you come back to read my next release, Most Likely to Succeed when it is released in April.

Shout out to my writing buddy and critique partner who just got another contract offered from a major New York publisher. Her second one from this publisher. She deserves it as she writes amazing characters.

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