Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 21, 2009

An excerpt from my April 12, 2009 release, Most Likely to Succeed

Thomas shrugged out of the coat and Clark tossed it on a small round table he’d set out by the lounger for drinks. He had unbuttoned Thomas’s dress shirt and had it half way down the man’s arms. Clark rained kisses all along his collarbone.
“Shouldn’t we go inside?” Thomas asked, his breaths rapid.
Clark unbuttoned the cuffs of Thomas’s shirt and pulled it the rest of the way off, discarding it with the coat. Now Thomas’s top half was bared to the world.
“I have a confession to make.” Clark’s tongue darted down, flicking over the other man’s biceps.
“I’m something of an exhibitionist.”
Thomas’s inhaled sharply. “Wh-what?”
Clark chuckled. “I would have thought you’d realize that after the restaurant. I said I’d rather do it then watch, and that’s true, but I like the thrill of possibly being seen by someone while I’m having sex. A little crazy, I know.”
But Clark noticed Thomas didn’t push him away. His hands roamed over Thomas’s beautiful pecs and down over his smooth, rippled stomach. Thomas had a smattering of hair on his chest, but he wasn’t a gorilla. Thank God. Clark’s hands stopped at the waistband of the other man’s pants.
“Okay?” He nuzzled Thomas’s throat, loving the tiny goose bumps and slight dampness there. Thomas smelled clean and male with just a hint of peppermint. An oddly intoxicating scent.
“Uh-huh,” Thomas moaned.
Cark undid the button and zipper of Thomas’s suit pants. His fingers slip into the other man’s briefs, barely grazing over the erect shaft before he inched toward Thomas’s tight, round ass.
Moving his lips to Thomas’s ear, he whispered, “I want to fuck you right here, right now, on the balcony. Will you let me?”
Thomas leaned back into him, groaning. He turned his face until their mouths were just inches apart. “I shouldn’t.”
“Yes, you should.” Clark touched his lips to Thomas’s, but only just a teasing touch. Later in bed, he intended to kiss Thomas breathless. Now, he was interested in other sensations.
He knelt behind Thomas, tugged the man’s pants and briefs down, then spread Thomas’s cheeks.

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