Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14, 2009

Today is Valentine's Day. Hope everyone is able to spend it with their sweetie.

As for me I am making my Valentine dinner. I don't cook, so you see why this is a special occasion.

I am also working on my latest, Car Wash. That's it for me today.

I did blog at Amber Quill's blog today. Just promoting my newest releases.

I saw an episode today of the show, Cold Case. It was a good episode because it concerned the murder of a gay man and for the most part showed gay men in a good light (although there was a lot about HIV), but it ended with two gay men getting married. It was a lovely ceremony, actually, and ended with one half of the couple seeing the ghost of his murdered lover from 1983. It was a nice moment. I just wish they had allowed the gay couple getting married to share a wedding kiss. It seemed like such a cop out. Oh, well, I guess it's some progress.

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