Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16, 2009

Got my cover for Trust yesterday (woo hoo). I'll post it to my website and to my blog this weekend. Have no release date yet but I am guessing I'll get one some time next month (the date, not the book will be released then).

Trust's cover was done by Les Byerly who does great work. He's done two of my covers before and I always like them. I like how he did this one, too. Two bare-chested guys with their mouths mere inches apart is always nice. Plus he put a guy typing on it which is cool since Justin is a writer and he put another guy's eye watching them which is also cool since that ties in with what's going on in the book. I also like the way he did the lettering for Trust. All in all I am quite pleased. To be posted soon (had to go through the approval process first).

So, Cherry, my blog follower, and very kind lady, has offered to allow me to promote Stone of Wrath on her site and blog. I am going to take her up on the offer and will advise and link to it when it has been done. I'd like to see Stone of Wrath get some more exposure as I think Jed and Topaz deserve some attention.

I'd say I am about only one-third done with Most Likely To Succeed. Will be working on it over what is a three-day weekend for me.

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