Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 08, 2009

Kind of strange, but I think probably my least popular m/m has been Stone of Wrath. Not quite sure why that is. I really liked that book and thought I did a decent job, but I've noticed it is largely ignored by reviewers. Probably second to that would be Sorcerer's Lover. I wonder if it is the paranormal elements? I wouldn't say either have done badly, they've made sales, but not as many as some of the others.

I would definitely have to say my most popular books are Perfect Man and Pulling Away. I'm getting pretty strong reactions to Perfect Man from readers and I think it has been selling really well. Pulling Away has done very well at the Amber Quill sites and All Romance Ebooks, plus I have gotten lots of reviews on that book. It's obviously popular. And from what I can tell people either really like it or aren't too thrilled. Fortunately it seems like the majority of people who read it are ones who really like it. For those who don't like it, Charlie seems to be the reason. Maybe he can be somewhat redeemed in his appearance in Car Wash.

Once I am finished with Most Likely to Succeed (and I'm not even close by the way) I am thinking I will move on to trying to whip Beyond the Norm into shape for submission. I'm thinking EC although I have this sinking sensation that if they were to take it, they'd make me change the title due to some similar titles. I really like that title. I can try one of the other publishers, Loose Id or Liquid Silver come to mind, or I can go to Amber Quill where I am fairly certain the title will stick. Of course none of these decisions make any difference if I don't finish the thing.

What about Sorcerer's Lover 2? Well, you know, I don't want to rush it. I've worked on it recently and I think what I have written is good, maybe even really good, but I feel like if I push myself to finish it, it's going to suffer. I thought about doing that, briefly, but I think I was trying to take on too much for myself, and I decided I need to slow down and catch my breath. Which is why I am only working on Most Likely to Succeed right now as I have to have that done and I have edits for Jake's Regret and I know Trust edits are coming soon. So SL2, I think, will not make it out until the second six months of 2009.

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