Saturday, August 30, 2008

Waiting and Plans for the Rest of 2008

So, I'm still waiting.

No word from the editor at Samhain who has It's Only Make Believe other than to acknowledge she has it. It's only been a couple weeks though, so I am not surprised.

No word from Resplendence either so I can at least assume they didn't reject it out of hand I guess. Although they don't seem to acknowledge receipt either.

In the meantime, I'm about 1/3 of the way done on the next chapter of Trust. The way I am working it now is I do a chapter of Trust, then one of Beyond the Norm. I hope in this way I will have them both done around the same time. Then I decide where I submit them. I'm already at over 11,000 words on Trust so it will definitely be a novella length story. I'm some where around 7,000 or 8,000 on Beyond the Norm but they haven't even done anything yet so that will likely also be novella length. Both EC and AQ don't go to novella length until they reach 18,000 words.

After those stories are finished, hopefully by the middle of September, I will attempt to wrap up A Knight For All. It's due by October 01 and I only have about 6,000 words done it. I need at least 5,000 more to make the extended kiss length required.

Then my other stories for AQ for the remainder of 2008. I have almost 8,000 words done on At Long Last and it isn't due until November 01, so I am not worried there. I have plenty of time for The Other Side and Jake's Regret too as they are due December 01 and January 01 respectively.

Maybe even once Trust, Beyond the Norm, and A Knight For All are done I can start Hollington's Story (Regency gay story). It would be nice to be able to start it this year.

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