Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feeling a Bit Better

It's true. I do feel a little less depressed today.

Not that anything has really resolved itself other than my own attitude I suppose.

I'm guessing the short novella I submitted will not be accepted by my publisher. You know how sometimes you just know something. This is one of those times. It's sad and it sucks because I put a lot of work into it and I think there are actually some really cool parts in that story. But I think writing specifically to a themed series might just not be my forte. At least not that theme. I could see myself writing about firemen in love or sports figures or whatever. Even Masters and Slaves if I didn't already feel like I had a similar story. Werewolves, that sort of thing. So maybe I just wasn't right for that particular theme. Anyway I figure I have to get over it. When the offical reject comes, I will update the blog.

I thought about what I wanted to do writing-wise for the rest of 2008. A bit ambitious maybe. We'll see.

My plans are first and foremost finish my interracial erotic romance, Unexpected. I absolutely love my characters in this book. I want it to be novella length and I am pushing it toward the longer novella length. I hope to have this finished by either the end of April or middle May so I can send it off to an editor before my two week vacation at the end of May, beginning of June.

Next comes Socerer's Lover my next gay erotic romance. I've got a chapter or two on it but I want to get it finished and submitted to the aquisitions editor at AQ by the end of June, beginning of July.

Then I am going to finish Graham's story in Redemption. I miss the big axe-wielding warrior. Depending on how long that takes, I may get to begin Morton's story towards the fall/winter of 2008. I really cannot wait to give Morton his story. He's hands down one of my favorite characters I have ever created. Funny since he was so not a major character when I first started Sinful.

I'd also like to work on a novel length story for Ellora's Cave. I have one I started a while back and I think it might be good for them. It's a romantic suspense with a white hero, black heroine called, First You Die.

Lots to work on. Not to mention I may want to finish the Duke of Scarborough's story to complete my trio of Duke books for Cerridwen Press. I guess it depends on how well the other two do. I don't seem to run out of ideas.

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