Friday, January 25, 2008

Vague Notions and Inspirations

Two things which I have thought of lately.

I have decided to write another short story involving a m/m romance. Not sure entirely where I am going with it or how long it will take me. Really I have only the bare bones and vague notions at this point. But I enjoyed writing the other two I completed and I love reading them myself. The market, at least as far as epublishers are concerned, is ripe for them now.

The other thing is that a very good writing friend of mine has just had the most exciting thing happen. Okay, second most exciting thing (writing-wise), the first being a big multi-published deal. She's had her full out to a couple of agents and they both have offered to represent her. Honestly I knew she was there and had wanted her to begin the querying process so I couldn't be more thrilled. Both offers come from up and coming agents with established agencies and they are making sales. What a wonderful and thrilling position to be in. While of course I am excited beyond belief for her I also cannot resist the tiniest bit of envy for her position.

Which leads me to what I have decided. No more procrastination on the re-writes of my medieval paranormal romance, Sinful. I must begin working on it so I can begin my own processes of finding an agent to sell my books for me. As Sinful is the first in a 3 related books (and I believe the second one may already be on its way to being better, Redemption), I really need to get cracking.

My friend's circumstances serve as wonderful inspiration!