Sunday, December 30, 2007

Looking toward 2008

So I am almost done with my second short erotic male/male historical romance, The Squire. I probably have two more chapters in addition to the chapter I am working on now. I should have it done in time for the erotic romance contest I want to enter. I'll have two for that with the If Only You which I previously finished. These are written under my pseudonym of Shawn Lane.

I got my edits yesterday from my Wild Rose Press editor on A Man Not Her Own. I have to have it back to her by the end of January. So once I have the shorts done and sent off that is my next project I have to do.

So what are my writing goals for 2008?

To do my edits for the WRP book and the edits for the two Duke books contracted to Cerridwen when they come in.

I also need to get my final draft done on Sinful (Mathias' book) done so I can begin querying that. Then I want to get the first draft of Redemption (Graham's book) finished. I'd like to get both of those done by Summer so that come fall I can begin The Sorcerer (Morton's book).
These are dark paranormal historicals and are related but hopefully will stand on their own.

Hopefully if I have time, I will work on more erotics, including my interracial romance "It's Only Make Believe".

For general publishing goals:

I want to see all three of my e-books successfully published. I want to win a publishing contract as Shawn Lane for the male erotic romances. I want to get a website up for myself. I want to get an agent and more book contracts.

Anyway, 2007 had it's great moments for me as a writer and here is 2008 and more wonderful things for my writing career.

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