Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

So I've always wanted to be a writer, it seems. From a very young age, Iwas fascinated by medieval history and stories. I loved the Arthurianlegend. One day I just started writing.I started out with silly little poems. I even had one about Christmaspublished in my dad's local Elks newsletter. I remember how thrilled Iwas even though looking back it was hardly a prestigious publishingcredit.I've always communicated via paper. Even as a child if I wantedsomething, even as simple as my best friend to stay over night, I wroteit in a note to pass to my parents.In school I gravitated towards classes dealing in English, History andCreative Writing and usually did very well in those.'d think itwouldn't have taken me so long to get published, but alas it did.To be fair, I didn't actually finish a book until I was in my thirties.I joined RWA in 1996. Up to that point I'd written bits and pieces ofthings. I took a novel writing course through Writer's Digest. I slavedaway on a novel set in Ireland during the 1300s for what now seems likeyears. I even foolishly sent it to a publisher or two, really having noclue what I was doing.Once I joined RWA I joined some online chapters because there weren'treally local chapters near me at the time. I got some critique partnersand that helped but I was still working on the Irish medieval and itwasn't working. I left that critique group and joined another, finallybeginning a new work in progress, which I first called The Marquis'Project.More in my next blog post.

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