Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last Days to Enter

Just a few days left to enter the contest to possibly be one of two winners of Loving the Boss. I'll post the winners either on September 25 or 26. I will be on my second mini-vacation until sometime on September 25, so the winners may not be posted until the following day.

In other news, I wrote a related story to Loving the Boss called Loving the Assistant. This story involves Alan's best friend. Alan is the main character from Loving the Boss. I've been offered a contract for Loving the Assistant, which I have accepted, but I have no further details at this time as I've not yet seen the contract. Once I have a release date and all that good stuff I'll have the site updated.

So go ahead and leave a comment here if you are interested in winning Loving the Boss and you haven't already entered.


  1. It looks divine...please count me in!


  2. Please count me in too, thanks!