Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No One? No One?

Either I made my contest too hard or no one wants to win a free book! Not one person has attempted to answser.

Here are the blurbs for the upcoming releases in case that gets you thinking (the existing books can be found on the publisher's sites for the description).

Galaxy's Heart - Ten years ago, Galaxy Winthrop had a one-night stand with the hottest guy ever. Besides the hot guy, there was one other thing Galaxy rememberd from that long ago night, the man's mention of the Northern California town, Sutter's Bay, where he once lived. Years later, Galaxy has made it his mission to save his troubled little brother, Leo. The once bright, bubbly kid has become sullen, quiet and despondent. Sutter's Bay seems the perfect location to start a new life for him and Leo.

Adam Colfer came back to Sutter's Bay to run his dad's diner after his passing. He'd thought he'd left it behind when he moved to San Francisco, but it seemed Sutter's Bay had other plans. The last person he expects to see in his quiet burb is Galaxy. After an explosive night of sex with a twenty year old Galaxy a decade earlier, Adam woke to an empty bed. But now Galaxy is in Sutter's Bay, a troubled brother in tow, and Adam can't help but wonder if this is his second chance to win Galaxy's heart.

Becoming His -  A stripper in a gay club, Toby Sherwood has been a fan of bisexual actor, Lucas Cartwright, and his cable detective show, Harrow’s Eyes, for months, so when he’s invited to a taping of the show, he can hardly wait. Too bad the hunky actor already has a girlfriend.

Lucas has been charmed by the sexy Toby ever since he met him at the hospital during his brother’s accident. When he breaks up with his girlfriend shortly after Toby comes by the set of his show, Lucas begins to romance Toby.

With concerns over Lucas’s career and Toby’s dancing for other men, can the hot actor and the sexy stripper find happiness in each other’s arms?

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  1. *looks sheepish* I'm sort of a lazybones contest person...