Saturday, January 15, 2011

Copying Devon

While doing my blog tours I saw that Devon Rhodes had done an author meme with the first lines of ten of her books. You can read about it there at her blog. I didn't really want to do a formal meme, but it did get me looking at my books and I decided to just pick a random assortment of my own books. I think there are ten of them listed.

"Holy shit, do you know who that is?"
Ticket to Ride

"I have the perfect man for you, Alex."
Perfect Man

There sure were a lot of funerals going on in the cemetary that afternoon.
Jake's Regret

"Nick, Dr. Carmichael is here to speak with you."
Internal Affairs Detective Nick Sorenson grimaced and took a sip of his strong coffee. He had a raging bitch of a headache and the last thing he wanted to do was talk to a pain in the ass like Carmichael.
The Other Side

Kevin Flaherty stepped off the city bus and pulled his windbreaker tighter around him. The bus dropped off a block from his job and it was damn chilly this morning. His teeth chattering, Kevin hurried down the street to the car wash.

Okay, so maybe he should have finished college. Then he could have maybe had prospects for a decent job when he got fired from his old one.
Car Wash
Lord, sleeping at the feet of Sir William was going to kill him.
The Squire
Jude stretched out on the king-size bed, his limbs tangled in the soft, satiny black sheets. He couldn’t keep the smile from curving his lips. He pulled the firm pillow from the top of the bed and stuck it under his head, letting his eyelids flutter closed.
Twice in a Lifteime
Jason Sweet hated being back here.
For the most part, the suburb where he’d spent his first eighteen years of life had not been particularly interesting or malicious. It had just been ordinary.
Sweet Reunion
“This bites,” Mason Adams announced as he dropped his two bags in the middle of the living room hardwood floor.
The Beach House
Barnaby Lassiter thought perhaps if he squinted his left eye and tilted his head a bit to the right the guy leering at him from the other end of the bar could pass for him.
Only For Him


  1. This is such an interesting meme!

    And I think I need to reread The Other Side...

  2. Yeah it was kind of fun looking at my books to pick first lines. I'm not sure there's a pattern with me but it was pretty cool. :)

  3. Oh, I was going to comment on there not being an obvious pattern to these.

  4. Now I have the urge to re-read The Squire. Loved Ducan. And William? Oh yeah, yum!

  5. @Ava, jinx! OMG, even before I read the comments, I was thinking to myself, I need to go re-read Duncan and William! LOL!

    This was fun, you do seem to grab the reader and make them want to know more!

    Now I'm thinking it would be fun to look at ending sentences too. :)

  6. I'd be all over last lines. I love those, lol.

  7. So cool! I've read all of these books sans three, I think, and they're on my to-be-read pile. :)
    I did it too, after seeing it on Devon Rhodes' blog. ;)