Friday, October 29, 2010

Manfred's Curse Excerpt

Shout out to Ava March and Devon Rhodes for their pimpage of my contest. Thanks girls.

Here's an excerpt. It's short (the story is actually a SHORT story not even a novella, so do keep that in mind, but it's quite possible there will be a sequel in 2011). So here's the excerpt:

...Conrad couldn’t believe what was about to happen. Was he crazy? Maybe. But he’d seen Manfred change to a cat and back to a man with his own eyes. He might be hallucinating…or not.

But there was no denying when he looked into Manfred’s golden eyes something in his chest shifted. And definitely something in his groin. It was entirely possible this cat-man had intentions of harming him, but he didn’t think so. He’d been wrong before, though. He wasn’t always the best judge of men.

Manfred tossed him on the queen-sized bed and immediately started yanking at his jeans. He hadn’t bother putting on shoes after his shower so at least they didn’t have that problem to deal with. Conrad unsnapped his jeans, which made Manfred’s tugging on them a lot easier.

Just like that, Manfred had shed him of his jeans and briefs, freeing his hard-as-nails cock to spring free and slap against his belly. Before he could do anything else, Manfred crushed Conrad underneath him, holding his arms above his head with one strong grip. The man’s other hand closed over Conrad’s cock, jerking it.

“Oh…oh…my God.”

Manfred kissed him, devouring his lips, nibbling them as he kissed, and sending shockwaves through Conrad. It was like being attacked by an animal. Well, hell, Manfred was, wasn’t he?

The other man let go of Conrad’s arms and reached for his black T-shirt. Conrad immediately saw the intent. “No, wait, I’ll—”

Manfred ripped his black shirt down the middle and tore off the shreds, tossing them aside. “Sorry,” he murmured against Conrad’s lips, not sounding sincere at all.

Having dropped the robe from his perfect naked body before pouncing on Conrad, Manfred’s biceps were sleek and tanned, and begging for Conrad’s touch now that his arms were free. He skated his fingers down the massive muscles, his own skin burning at the contact, his desire ratcheting with each stroke across the skin.

And speaking of stroking, Manfred pumped Conrad’s dick hard and fast, stopping for just a few seconds each time that expert hand brought him to the edge.

“You’re driving me crazy.” Conrad moaned.

His mouth hovering over Conrad’s, Manfred smiled. “You’ve been driving me crazy for weeks, baby. Lube and condoms?”

His eyes threatening to drift closed, his body blazing from the sensations, Conrad managed to say, “Under the bathroom sink.”

While his soon-to-be lover disappeared to the bathroom, Con lay back and tried to get his thoughts together. Almost fucking impossible considering the state of his aching cock. But this was a really big step for him. He wasn’t one for random sex encounters, although he couldn’t say he’d never had one. Hell, he wasn’t dead. This, however, had the possibility of being more than just a one-time thing. Manfred lived with him. As a cat, yeah, but still...

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