Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Beach House Pictures

You will see in these first two pictures the campground that John will mention to Mason in the book. I've stayed there myself when I was much much younger.                                                                            
There's one week left of pictures. I took this one because it reminded me of the kind of deck the guys  have in the story. Also, for those of you who read At Long Last, Morro Bay is where Scotty wanted to live and where he visited with Preston.  


  1. Ahh... blue skies, sunshine, water... Lovely!

    *looks out window at rain and clouds and gloom*

  2. oooh sucks about the gloom. It's supposed to be 100 here by this weekend and I'm wishing I was in Morro Bay where it's much cooler.

  3. I'm falling in love with this place. Too bad I'm on the other side of the country. :)

  4. 100 degrees? It's hot here today but supposed to get down to the 60's over the weekend. And before I know it, there will be snow :(

    These pics make me want to go to the beach. sigh. I already miss summer.

  5. Yep we are about to have a kickass heatwave. Supposed to be in the 100s for the next 5 days or so