Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wednesday Musings

Today's musings are just my thoughts and impressions of some of my heroes. It's not supposed to be a meme or anything, just me pondering the reactions.

My most popular hero based on reader comments and fan mail I get still seems to be Kevin. I thought Barnaby might beat him, but it doesn't seem like it after all. I know Kyle is popular too. I wonder if any of my upcoming heroes will steal the spotlight from Kevin.

My own personal favorites are still Craig, Brad, Clark, and Calvin. I have a soft spot for all of course.

My least popular hero seems to be Ray from The Other Side. I get a lot of people calling him arrogant. I'd like to say he's misunderstood, but yeah he is arrogant. He'll start off not too popular in The Same Side but I hope by the end of that book readers will like him a bit better. On the other hand I still get the ocassional "Jake is weak and cowardly" so he's probably number two. And number three is definitely poor Charlie.

Probably my best selling book from Amber Quill's site (recent ones might be different, we'll see) remains Most Likely to Succeed. Other third party sites are a little different.

My best looking hero is probably Barnaby or his brother Calvin or Mason coming up from The Beach House. Jude's not shabby either.

My most rugged, macho looking hero has to be Jack from Ticket to Ride.


  1. Jude, Jude, Jude!!

    Poor Charlie. He's lucky to have Noah's faith in him. And his reaction helped Noah grow and mature as well. You know I'm a big Pulling Away fan from way back. Which brings me to...

    Give Barnaby time, he might just catch up to Kevin. After all, we've known Kevin much longer. :)

    Oh, and Sir William's pretty rugged too. Of course, they kinda had to be back then.

  2. Yes, yes, Jude is coming. I'm hoping to have it released early fall. We'll see.

    I do know Noah is a favorite of yours.

    Ah, you are right, I did forget about William and Duncan. It's hard for me to choose a favorite really.

    Congrats on the recent release, by the way.

  3. Well, I adored Barnaby. He's just so...him! But I still love Kevin, too, and you know Duncan's a personal favorite.


    How could anyone not love Kev...

    I really like Barnaby, but not his partner - still can't put my finger on what I dislike about him...

    But Barnaby will make him work for it - so all is not loss..

    I love Ray - and part of it is his arrogance, I thought his take charge attitude and go get was so umph...

    I can't wait to see how he annoys everybody in his path in the next book...

    Please write faster...


  5. Never fear, EH, Ray's third in line now. After the one I am working now and the next, then comes Ray. Should start working on him in July.

    Kevin and Noah will be making another appearance in the summer on the blog, too.

  6. Is that after Jude's story...

    I know a few people are waiting on his story...


  7. Yes, EH, my plan is to have that darn Jude out of the way by the end of June.

  8. I read Car Wash again last night. That's right. AGAIN! LOL! Not only is Kevin totally fabulous, but he and Michael are really perfect together. The chemistry between them ROCKS, AF! Plus, there is something endearing about your boy that remains with us long after we stopped reading the book. Now, you know I am totally in love with Barnaby, Kyle, Craig, Jake (Yes I'm a proud Jake Fan) Dusty, Malcolm, Noah, Justin and Brad...hell honey I love them all, but Kevin will probably always be my fav...BUT I've been waiting on Jude for so long he might surprise me after all. Plus, there's Calvin...so many fabulous heroes honey! It's hard not to love them all.

  9. Face it Shawn. Kevin is always going to be a favorite. BUT, Barnaby was quite stunning too.