Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So as EVERYONE knows by now, Shayne is my bff. Well, unfortunately, both of us are currently going through severe withdrawals. He often has issues with his internet service provider (a very famous one who widely advertises about how great they are and have the iphone, I'm sure you can guess who, lol). Anyway, apparently his internet and phone service was out since Sunday. The lovely, Brent, sent me a note advising me that Shayne asked him to relay this information to me. So, yeah, he finally got it back today but he’s busy now and so we haven't talked for days. Big time sucks, too.

I'm no longer waiting for covers. Oh, wait. I am. Sort of. I don't have a cover for the paperback collection of Only Forever coming in July. Which reminds me, I have a form to complete for that. Swell. I hate forms.

The Beach House is going very well and if all goes as I plan, I should have it finished by Memorial Day. That's a full month in advance of the deadline. Since that one is part of the Hot Summer Daze themed series I won't be waiting for a cover for that when it's turned in but I will let you know about a release date once I have turned it in.

My other intention is to have Twice in a Lifetime (Jude's story) done by the end of June. It works for me to give myself deadlines, trust me. If I don't, nothing gets done. Once those two stories are finished I will be working full time on The Same Side so I can have it done this summer. I need to get Sorcerer's Lover 3 done too.

I admit I'm stalling somewhat on the co-authored book with Ava March. She's not pushing me too hard to finish the first chapter because she's got her own book she is working diligently on but at some point I expect I will need to step up and get it done.

I've run into a bit of an obstacle with Sinful. For those not paying attention, lol, and who would, this is a medieval paranormal fantasy novel (mouthful that one). I freely admit it started out as a het book so it has been a huge, huge, huge challenge to turn it into m/m. I am determined to get it done by the end of 2010 though even if it kills me (it might).

And that's the news from Shawn Lane Land.


  1. Wow, you're working hard. That's a lot of books coming out. Yay!

  2. Famous or not, it still sucks. LOL!

    AF, we both know you'll be finished with your book WAY before you deadline! DUH!

    Love the Ashtyn Eye Candy...YUM!

  3. I'm ready for Calvin's book.
    Isn't it terrible how we are all slaves to technology? Don't get me wrong, it's a spectacular thing, but it sucks that we are all a slave to it in one way or the other.
    When are we going to read the Ashtyn interview? I'm read to read it too. *wink*
    Love the eye candy. He'll always be a fav.

  4. Can I have Ashtyn? I realize I'll have to fight for him, and maybe my hubby won't like it, but he's so sexy!

    I can't wait to read your upcoming books! I take it Shayne uses the whip on you too! Lol!

  5. Yeah, I'm always coming up with something, Lily. While I was in Vegas I thought of an idea involving an Elvis impersonator. LOL. Can't get to it until next year though.

    I knew you'd love the cancy, sweetness.

    I'm ready for Calvin's book too! Got a whole week to wait. I'd love to give you a date for the interview but Ashtyn keeps promising to get his answers to me but hasn't done it yet. It's still coming though!

    I'm afraid, Linds, you'd have to get in line to claim Ashtyn. :D

  6. Sorry to hear about the Shayne withdrawal!! I can relate - Bron and I email each other all the time and when one of us has to be away from a computer for more than 12 hours..... Waaaaah!

  7. I often wonder what we ever did without the internet! It sucks finding out! lol

  8. I was beginning to wonder where Shayne was. I'm glad to hear that it's a tech problem and not anything else.

    Nick is right. Technology is wonderful, but I know that I rely on it too much. Every time I visit my family who live in the land of no internet, I get antsy. I might miss something important like new man candy or a great blog post. ;)

    Seriously, when the internet goes down at work, we can't take attendance, get to grades, etc. The convenience is great when everything actually works.