Friday, May 14, 2010

Stone of Wrath by Shawn Lane - Excerpt Day

This one has a Quickie Cover that was given to all those written for the month of Topaz (the theme of the books were birthstones).

After Jedidiah Mason finds a dirty, battered stone in the rubble of a burned building, he takes it home and is surprised when it becomes a gorgeous naked man. Topaz, turned to stone by the wrath of the gods, knows he and Jed were lovers in the long ago past and hopes Jed’s love can break the curse before the end of November.

Jed is immediately drawn to Topaz and though sex with someone who just appeared out of thin air is probably not wise, he cannot seem to resist the intense attraction. Before he knows it he’s having great sex with the all too alluring Topaz. Will he remember their love in time to save it?

Jed woke to the sound of the shower. For a moment he wondered where he was. Who he was.

What the hell?

Topaz. He sat up fast, glancing around. His gaze stopped on the nearby clock. Nine thirty. A cool breeze came through the open sliding door. Jed got up and went to look out. All the signs of another glorious day. He watched the wind for a moment, nervous. A gentle breeze could turn into gusting winds fast and then he’d be called to the station and they’d be putting out fires for days on end.


He turned away to see Topaz standing nude in the doorway of the bathroom. His mouth watered. He could hardly believe it but he wanted sex again. His cock hardened and rose, pointing toward Topaz. The man’s gaze flew down to Jed’s erection.

“I wondered if you wanted to step into the glass box with me.”

“It’s called a shower,” Jed said, his lips curving.

“Yes, I remember. I preferred baths in prior times.” Topaz held out his hand. “Come.”

Jed wanted to do just that. What was wrong with him? Having casual sex with someone he just met. Only it didn’t feel so casual, if he were honest. What was this pull Topaz had on him?

Jed walked to the bathroom and closed his hand over Topaz’s.

Topaz soaped his lover’s bare back. He loved the feel of the warm skin beneath his fingers. The contrast of his dark skin against Jedidiah’s pale skin. He massaged Jed’s shoulders.


“Like that?”

“God yes.”

Topaz smiled and placed a kiss on the right side of Jedidiah’s neck. A shiver went up his own spine. He wanted to be inside the young man again. Jedidiah was fast becoming an obsession.

He reached up to the shelf in the shower to find the condom packet he’d brought in the shower with them. He would rather fuck Jedidiah without it but he knew his new lover didn’t want that.

Jedidiah leaned into him and Topaz’s cock pressed at his ass. He’d better sheath his penis fast. He tore open the packet and rolled it on his erection.

“Ah.” Jedidiah turned his head and met Topaz’s mouth with his own.

Topaz reached behind for the shower gel and squeezed it into his hands. He rubbed it along the length of his cock, then reached around and stroked Jedidiah’s. He pushed into Jedidiah’s ass.

For a moment, Topaz held still, enjoying the thrill of being enclosed in his lover’s ass. Jedidiah’s tight muscles constricted to surround his cock. The grip on his erection had his balls drawing tight. The gods knew sex with this man had always been extraordinary. It was more than sex. It was lovemaking. For him, anyway. Diam loved him but his reincarnation, Jedidiah, did not. At least not yet. That was why Topaz was here. To change all that. To be saved by love. Unfortunately, he had only half his birth month to do it in.

Jedidiah’s breathing was heavy. His eyes were closed. He braced his hands on either side of the shower stall. Topaz was torn between wanting to fuck him hard and fast or slow and easy.

He pulled his cock out until just the head still rested inside Jedidiah’s hole. Topaz clenched his teeth and drove balls deep.

“Ah,” both of them gasped at once.


  1. Sounds good. I wonder how I missed this one. Must remedy that soon. :)

  2. It's one of my first releases, Lily. Because of the generic quickie cover a lot of folks don't realize it is m/m